About BCPL

BCPL has successfully completed 250 projects thereby transforming happiness in the lives of more then 1500 families.

To set standards in professionalism in every step it takes, and surpass it in the very next step'. And naturally, success has followed BHUVANESHWARI CONSTRUCTIONS in whatever step it took. Be it in challenging Civil Constructions or Real Estate Development.

Music expresses itself in many ways. One of them, for Mr. G. Mohan - Promoter is Construction. The occasion virtually knocked on Mr. Mohan’s door, who was raring to go with that “can do” spirit. A family friend who had a plot of land at Madipakkam asked Mr. Mohan to build a Marriage Hall. Sensing the potential of the offer, Mr. Mohan, wanting to prove his true mettle, advised him differently. Thus, SHRUTI was born and Mr. Mohan launched BHUVANESHWARI CONSTRUCTIONS - now an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company and the owner of the plot got his own home free of cost.

The reason why an array of apartment buildings bearing a musical name came to be launched and taken over hungrily by homeowners. The names of buildings such as Manjari, Saranga, Sahana, Saindhavi, Nayaki, Desh, Neelambari and so on adorn the whole repertoire of building compositions where people live happily ever after.

Mr. Arjun Prashanth, son of the founder joined the business in 2005 and gave further impetus to the activities of BCPL. His drive led to completion of several large Housing Projects. With 2500 happy homes, BCPL can look back to the eventful years of devotion to aesthetics having made a concrete contribution to the Society, with such rich, novel comforts and conveniences. BCPL offers a home for every dream and a dream for every home-seeker. Since its inception, BCPL has always maintained focus on integrity, customer delight and commitment to deliver.

BCPL has successfully completed 250 projects thereby transforming happiness in the lives of more then 1500 families. BCPL offers you more choice in terms of location, design and budget and is the best choice when it comes to possessing a prestigious home address and strongly believes that civil engineering is all about building economically. One pillar placed right can hold what two can't. So we make sure we cut costs, not corner stones. With the second generation into construction business, we achieved what most others in the field dreamt of. This became possible only through sheer understanding of buyers’ needs for a healthy surrounding, thoughtfully planned construction, providing the best amenities, architecturally suiting the environment and everything else that makes a home a good home. Flat purchasers come for an enquiry with tension; enter into an agreement with a smile, enjoy peaceful & comfortable stay in their own homes and are proud of being members of the BCPL family.

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